Your Name in British TV Variety Puzzles, Volume #1
Your Name in British TV Variety Puzzles, Volume #1
Your Name in British TV Variety Puzzles, Volume #1
Your Name in British TV Variety Puzzles, Volume #1

Your Name in British TV Variety Puzzles, Volume #1

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Want to see your name worked into one of the logic puzzles in our next variety puzzle book? Though we're not doing a standard pre-order on this one, we ARE offering a very limited number of opportunities to see your name used as a clue in a logic puzzle. 

When you purchase this "item", you will receive:

  • 2 early copies of British TV Variety Puzzles, Volume #1 when it's released in March 2021
  • Your name will appear as one of the people in a logic puzzle - see the second photo on this listing for an example of what the puzzles look like.

You must be in the US, the UK, or Canada for this option. If you are in the UK or Canada, we will ship the books to you via Amazon and mail your bonus stickers separately (we include a free vinyl sticker with every book we sell here on the site).

There are a maximum of 5 slots each in 3 puzzles. You can use the drop-down menu to select which puzzle you'd like to appear in (assuming it's still available).

Please enter the name you want to see in the puzzle in the "notes" section of the order.

The Puzzles:

#1: Too Much Fawlty Towers

Nigel has watched and re-watched Fawlty Towers hundreds of times over the years. Now that he's retired, he's decided to move to Devon and start his own hotel. Unfortunately, life imitates art and he quickly realises his guests just don't seem to appreciate his fine establishment. 

So many of the guests are complaining that he's lost track of who needs what. Read the clues and help him match up each guest with the appropriate complaint, room name, and departure date.

  • You would be a guest 

#2: A Troubling Travel Video

George and Pam's Brilliant Britain travel series includes some wonderful trips around Great Britain, but that's not to say it's always been smooth sailing. Years ago, they made plans for a video they ultimately decided to scrap.

Now that they're preparing a book about their travels, they'd like to untangle the old notes and talk about it in the book. Use the clues to help figure out the city, tour date, and topic for each of the tour guides they had intended to meet.

  • You would be a tour guide 

#3: The Beat Goes On

The picturesque English village of Bleckinsop is full of quiet lanes, chocolate box houses, and highly unusual murders. As one might expect, this has led to an incredibly high turnover rate in the local police force.

The town is preparing to welcome a new police detective, but his predecessor had a mental breakdown and threw files everywhere. Use the clues to put the files back in order, pairing each murderer with the motive, month of the crime, and method used.

  • You would be a murderer

How to Be Included

If you'd like to be included, all you need to do is pick the puzzle you want to be, add it to your cart, and enter the desired name in the "notes" section while checking out.  If you forget, we'll email you to get that information.

We'll ship your copies before we open the guides up for general purchase this March (retail price: $9.99 each). 


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