Hairy Highland Coo Tote Bag
Hairy Highland Coo Tote Bag

Hairy Highland Coo Tote Bag

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There are few symbols of Scotland more iconic than the Highland Coo. Whether you're driving up into the Highlands or staring down from Stirling Castle, you're likely to see them if you venture outside the cities. 

The coo is a remarkable beast. Their thick fur and messy fringe protects them not only from the bitter cold of Scottish winters, but also from the nasty midges that swarm in summer.They're also the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world, and they're known for their friendliness and curiosity (though one should always exercise caution when there are calves or other animals in the mix). 

It may not be practical for most of us to actually own a Highland cow, but there's nothing too challenging about owning a tote bag that features one of these cute little guys.



This Highland coo tote bag is custom-made for you at the time of your order. As a result, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges except in cases where the item is defective. 


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