British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021
British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021

British TV Streaming Guide, US Edition: Spring 2021

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Have you ever spent an evening clicking through half a dozen streaming services looking for a good British TV show to watch?

Did you wish you had a simple, hand-held guide that told you exactly which shows were on which services - or which service you needed for which show?

Look no further.

We've tailored this streaming guide to the specific needs of the American British TV fan.

We've combed through 20 different streaming services to find the British TV shows they have on offer - then we pulled together descriptions, original air dates, and the occasional bit of trivia so you can find something to watch without giving yourself carpal tunnel via television remote.

Where possible, we've also gotten advance premiere details for British TV shows coming soon.

There are roughly 2200 different British TV shows available through the services covered in this guide, and we've also included:

  • Note pages for additions you want to write in
  • An alphabetical index so you can quickly look up the streaming service for a show
  • Extra details to help you navigate the technical challenges of streaming your favourite shows
  • New feature: "Movie Night" section with recommendations on some of the best British films currently streaming
  • New feature: "Autism in British TV", honoring World Autism Month in April
  • New feature: Shows added to this guide since the last publication are now underlined

Frequently Asked Questions

A printed guide for streaming television shows? Won't it be out of date instantly?

Yes - but only a little. It's impossible to make a guide that will be 100% accurate for more than a couple weeks. Services are constantly changing their offerings, and occasionally, shows are pulled with very little notice. 

Most of the streaming services provided us with some advance notice of premieres, so we've included future programming to the greatest extent possible.

Luckily, most services change no more than 2-5% of their content from one month to the next. The overwhelming majority of the guide will remain accurate for months to come - and we've included space for you to write in new additions. 

I bought the Winter edition. Do I need this one?

We certainly won't talk you out of it - but it really depends on your budget and how important it is to you to have all the latest details incorporated into the sections (as opposed to reading updates online and writing in your own notes).

Here's what's different in this edition:

  • Added 2 streaming services (BBC Select and AMC+)
  • New "Movie Night" section with film recommendations
  • New shows are now underlined so you can easily see what new titles have been added
  • All the services have been updated to reflect the latest removals and additions. On average, services will have changed roughly 10-15% of their content since the previous guide.

Of course, when you consider that traditional TV guides last 1-2 weeks, it's not THAT crazy to treat yourself to a new edition on a quarterly basis.

How long is the guide?

This one is roughly 20 pages longer than the previous edition, at 198 pages.

Which streaming services are covered in the guide?

  1. Acorn TV
  2. BritBox
  3. PBS Masterpiece
  4. Inside Outside: Home & Garden
  5. Amazon Prime Video
  6. Netflix
  7. Sundance Now
  8. AMC+
  9. Hulu
  10. Tubi TV
  11. Pluto
  12. Cinemax
  13. HBO/HBO Max
  14. IMDb TV
  15. BBC Select
  16. Starz
  17. Topic
  18. Showtime
  19. Peacock
  20. Epix

How long are the show descriptions?

Most descriptions are slightly longer than the average TV guide entry. In addition to a basic plot summary, some also include details on notable stars or show-related trivia. 

You can check out the photos we've posted above to see examples.

Do you ship to the US?

Yes! The British TV Streaming Guide is tailored to US viewers, printed in the US, and it ships from the US. 

What is the shipping cost in the US?

Shipping for one guide starts around $4 in the US. 

Would this guide be useful to someone outside the US? 

Maybe, but not terribly so. Even if the listed services are available in your country, the exact offerings typically vary from one country to the next. We hope to have a Canadian edition by Summer 2021.

Who did the artwork for the cover?

We licensed the cover image from a talented British artist called Tabitha Mary. It's a picture of the River Dart in Devon, England. If you want a print of her original artwork, you can get it on her site HERE

What if there's a problem with my order?

This is a small business with real, English-speaking human help - no automated chat bots or outsourced customer service. Just email us at and we'll get you sorted. 

Amazon Disclosure Notice:

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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